Friday, September 24, 2010

Must eat fewer pies

I am a bit over racing weight at the moment. In fact, until his drug habit was revealed, I was feeling like the MTB Ricky Hatton. It's the luxury of only doing one big race a year - I can lay off for a while and do other stuff.

But I'm back on the training now. Unfortunately, my cranks weren't ready for it:

That's not really what you want to happen on a solo night ride, but I wasn't hurt when they broke so I managed to get plenty more practise with the one-leg drills riding home.


Paul said...

I was just riding it along Mr Bike Shop Owner! That's pretty impressive :)

Anonymous said...

Back to back to square taper bb's then?

Aidan said...

Everything breaks in the end... I'm sticking with HT2-style cranks for now. Either Deore or I'll be able to blag some nice ones :)