Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tough cruising


Just a quick update to say that I have heard from Aidan. He confirmed that the spot wasn't working but he was too tired to work it out, however he is loving the riding, generally cruising well and no complaints about sore knees or tummy upsets (others are complaining of these things when you read the race updates).

He said that yesterday was tough but everyone was finding this. Looking at the groups progress today, it looks as though it is another tough day and taking a closer look at the terrain confirms this.

He is doing so well though as he has climbed to about 11th place, 10 people have scratched already and he should be at Butte, the fourth check point by the end of the day!

Our thoughts are with you Aidan! Just keep pedalling like you tell me to just keep swimming!


Captain Flymo said...

Been following on Trackleaders and the TD site. Listened to an MTBCast from one dude who said the section out of Helena was just pure evil - very muddy and wet and hard slog so no wonder he hasn't managed as many miles yesterday as on previous days. Anyway, he's doing well so go Aidan!

Taylor said...

Emily, please tell Aidan to call in to mtbcast and not just call you. i'm checking for his call-in every day, i think he's the only one to not report back yet.

Taylor said...

Oh, forgot to say GO AIDAN!!!

Adam Titley said...

Em, let Aidan know that all his swinley chums are rooting for him.

Trail_rat said...

only brit left - and doing bloody well

Give it hell and make sure your time kicks the arse out of fogle and cracknells attempt later in the year !

keep on truckin