Saturday, June 19, 2010

Speeding up!

Ok just a quick update as I am away this weekend and so will not be able to forward any info on.

Aidans last text was a couple of days ago and he mentioned that the tough part was "wet and nasty at the end". He has however managed to grab a chance to get some laundry done! Maybe the Mexicans won't be able to smell him coming after all!

He is now on a stretch in which he said he was going to start bivvying. This is helping him to cover a good amount of ground as he's starting the day nice and early. At the moment he has managed to move himself up to 8th place and has got a mention in the race up dates for the fact that he is making impressive progress and on a single speed!

Thanks for all your messages, I have been passing them on in texts, I have a funny feeling that he is going to get bombarded with about 8 from me when he next turns his phone on.

Taylor I have texted him, asking him to call in and I have given him the number on the website, for the rest of you, if he calls in, we can finally hear how he is sounding!

Anyway, if have more news I will update on Monday.

TTFN and have a good weekend!


Trail_rat said...

look at him go .... did he fit an engine , hes making em look silly so he is !

up to 6th now - seems to be getting stronger daily ! Glad things are looking up for him now after the rough start !

stuart said...

Go for it Aidan. We're watching your progress (even my mum is) on-line with everything crossed that you're having a fantastic ride and that you make it to Mexico with a smile on your face and no doubt an arse like leather!

I'll be standing you a drink at SSUK.

Stuart and Dee