Friday, June 25, 2010

Podium finish?

Ok so i've just listened to people calling in. Aidan is saying that he is going to up the pace now and push into the night a bit more.

Eric who is in 3rd place called into say that he is going to slow the pace as he is going to burn out if he continues at the pace that he has been doing.

Aidan is exactly 1 day behind him, can he push into the the night and catch him....... I reckon so. This week could prove rather exciting.

GO on Aidan you can do it!


Trail_rat said...

go on aidan give it some welly - only 8hrs from chris pleskos SS record


Trail_rat said...

ok - engineer that cant count ... thats 6hrs not 8 !

stuart said...

Fantastic ... 3rd position and pressing hard, keep it up!