Thursday, July 01, 2010

Yippee he's done it!

Aidan has just called and he has finished!

He sounds pretty good and has just had a massive cooked breakfast plus huge pancakes with whipped cream!

Now he is going to get some rest before catching a bus to LA where he is going to spend his remaining time with his buddies.

What an amazing job 2796 miles in 19 days 14 hours and 12 minutes!

Apparently New Mexico was a tough part to ride through, lots of straight, flat featureless miles.

Anyway I am thrilled that he is done and I can't wait to see him next week.

Maybe the next update will be Aidan as I have to shoot to work now!

Well Done Aidan you are a super star! xxx


Trail_rat said...

was that a good tan or dirt in the video aidan ?

well done on finishing it - when is attempt no 2 - the record breaker ;)

enjoy your rest - well deserved

Anonymous said...

Superb effort Aidan, well done indeed :)

Sam said...

Fantastic effort - really wonderful to see - congratulations Aidan! said...

Awesome, congratulations!