Saturday, May 22, 2010


A single picture for now, but here's my Swift:

Sam sorted me out with this after the Voodoo died again and I needed something pronto to ride the Tour Divide. It's light, fast, and lovely!


Trail_rat said...

29er ? looks like a propper job for the event !

BarbaraH said...

Pretty shade of blue :-)

Aidan said...

Trail Rat - Yes I was dubious about getting 29er parts during the Tour Divide. I've read about a few people getting stuck waiting for tyres, but they all still ride 29ers so it must be worth it. Sam offered to meet up for a test ride and I was sceptical about how good it would be, but the Swift is awesome!

Mum - It is nice! I like the classic aesthetic of Sam's designs. I've got a matching top and socks to go with it :-)

James Dymond said...

Looks ace... but 29ers still are officially wrong*.


*until I eventually try one & like it that is!

Trail_rat said...

i know you probably wont see this but - best of luck.