Friday, November 28, 2008

Stepping Towards Iditarod

Well, I took the first step and entered the Iditarod, now it's time for the second step: training. So here I am in Anchorage to see riders, pogies, bivvies, snow, and big fat tyres.

Unfortunately, I didn't realise that today is Thanksgiving for those crazy Americans so my plan to stock up on gear has fallen through. But I got to sort some stuff out and have a wander around. 

The light is really amazing here. It fades in and out really slowly, it hangs low under the heavy clouds and glows brilliantly over the mountains. Can't wait to spend all day in it.

As for the city, it seems pretty friendly and the traffic moves really slowly. Having said that, with all the snow, you see cars skidding to a halt at red lights and skidding away from greens so not that much of a surprise there.

Just a day of wandering about and looking at the light. Soon to be followed by measuring out portions of oats and dried milk. Oh, the glamour...

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Shaggy said...

Sounds great- wish I could make it over before Feb :-/