Monday, July 03, 2006

Wow... my feet finally touch the ground

It's gone mountain bike event crazy...

unexpected drafted into a SSMM I ended up doing the 24hr team thing again. I think I prefer the solo rides - there's something about riding round a field every 2 hours that reminds me of the apocryphal cure for teenage smoking by making them smoke until they're sick. You're going to camp in that field and ride every 2 hours until you get it out of your system. Ride, eat+drink, sit, ride etc. It's cool because it's big and you get to chill out with a bunch of bikers before and during the event, but it's not so fascinating when you've done it a handful of times. That said, riding the dawn lap where you get to see the sky turn from black to blue to gold, you get to see the dozens of little lights winding along the hillside where dozens are people are fighting their personal battles to keep the cranks turning, and you get to feel the sun's gentle caress before it becomes a scouring burden - that is a unique moment.

From there, it was some culture with John B Keane's The Field at The Tricycle in Kilburn. First a side-note: there are some references on the web to a place called CTJ Vegan Chinese Restaurant - there is a Chinese restaurant at that address, but it's not vegan and it doesn't even do good veggie food. I hear the meaty dishes are good though. The play was excellent. Tense, funny, endearing and well produced it made an excellent change from norm. The last thing I saw that was remotely like it was Ibsen's "A Doll's House" but a closer time period and a closer culture made The Field much truer to my heart.

Still more to say... but no time to do it. Story of my life at the moment

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